Peace Within Trail, Your Path To Peace Through History

A new social media-based experience created to increase engagement with Civil and Human Rights history, the Peace Within Trail is a tool that integrates technology with inspiring content to help people discover and experience our Civil Rights history in a more dynamic and engaging way. With an array of content, from the color scheme partially inspired by Martin Luther King Jr.’s birth stone, inspiring quotes, photography, and more, users will be able to experience history in a new and engaging way. Through the integration of social media within the site, users will be able to share their experience with others and encourage them to do the same, ultimately building the foundation for a community of people with a desire to engage with the concept of “positive peace” in creating a world that values not just the absence of violence but the presence of justice.

The concept of the Peace Within project came from two young entrepreneurs who left home for college, traveled and studied abroad and returned home to Montgomery with a dream. Stephanie Reynolds and Natilee McGruder bonded as members of the Mayor’s Youth Council in their teens and then later as adults around peace and civil rights. Their dream is to see Montgomery’s position in the global movement for human rights and peace honored in a way that encourages residents, young people and visitors to engage with that history through technology.

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For media and all other inquiries reach out to us at info@peacewithintrail.com