2015 marks several momentous occasions in Montgomery, two of which are the 50th Anniversary of the Selma to Montgomery Marches and the 60th Anniversary of the Montgomery Bus Boycott. Today, with all eyes on the historic Selma to Montgomery March Trail Route we are thrilled to release this site in partnership with the Creatively Driven design team who won our #HackMGM competition.

Our goal is simple: to engage the user with history of local and global peace movements through technology. The new Dream Marches on Trail debuts on the weekend of Bloody Sunday when thousands of people will flood to Alabama in order to honor those that came before and take their place in the history being made today in Selma and Montgomery.

During our travels Stephanie and I would come to discover the significance of Montgomery’s history to people around the world. The blank face that came after trying to explain where Alabama was in the US was soon chased by a dawning look of excitement and respect as we related our hometown of Montgomery in the context of the modern civil rights movements. This would go on to spark a conversation that left both sides feeling more connected than before.

We want to share that excitement with the Dream Marches On Trail and to pay that connection forward to young people, local residents and the people from all over the world that will travel here this weekend.

Please join us in finding your path to peace through history.